Introduction-SANE Coalition

Introduction-SANE Coalition

SE Albuquerque Neighborhood Enrichment (SANE) Coalition

Updated: 3/21/2020v0.2

Our purpose is to enrich neighborhoods in the SE area by meeting the needs of the community.  SANE Coalition focuses on positive community interactions and engagement.

SANE Coalition stands ready to help the community during the Corona Crisis.

Recognized by the City of Albuquerque.

The City of Albuquerque is designing a new community center to serve the Singing Arrow, Four Hills, Coronado Terrace, Hidden Valley Singing Arrow, Supper Rock, Estrange/Piedra Vista and Sandia Vista Neighborhoods.  The new, expanded facility will serve more families and offer facilities such as a fitness room and classes for adults and teens in the nearby area.

SANE Coalition meets monthly to discuss plans for future activities.  Positive input encouraged and participation not restricted.
Events in 2020: